We Sell Customized Vacuum Trailers For Your Horse Facility

This vacuum trailer is designed for cleaning horse stalls, debris/trash clean up & lawn maintenance


Cutting back on overhead is good business. Let the Buddy Vacuum Trailer work for you!

Clean a dirty stall in minutes, no fuss, no mess! Used in venues large and small, this vacuum trailer can be parked in a barn alley or in a central location to quickly clean out stalls with the long hose and then move to a dump site or our manure spreader option allows you to go straight to the pasture. The powerful fan pulverizes & mulches manure & shavings into powder in one application making your dump loads smaller! Working smarter not harder equals success for your business. The Buddy Vacuum Trailer can reduce labor costs by 60-80%. 

With the Buddy Vacuum Trailer several options are available that can make stall cleaning or landscaping faster, easier and more efficient. Our customized vacuum trailers are made to fit your business needs. Buddy Trailers is proudly manufactured in the USA. Call Sha Griffin now to inquire about what one fits your needs 325-668-1876

Landscapers and property owners can clean up fall leaves, move dirt and landscaping material. The dump feature allows less hands on and faster jobs completed.  

This versatile workhorse can be customized for a variety of applications. You can pick up trash, glass bottles or aluminum cans after a concert. Clean out hard to reach areas with debris. Call Sha Griffin today to see how you can utilize The Buddy Vacuum Trailer in your business today!