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We saw a need so we came up with a solution!

We are Sha & Shaley Griffin and we understand the challenges you face in running an event center or horse facility. We also know how hard it is to find a strong working team that will work hard to keep your facility clean for your next event. We started Buddy Trailers with the idea to build a quality vacuum trailer that would save your business money, but in the process we realized this vacuum trailer is a workhorse and it cuts back on the amount of people you need to clean stalls. This allows you to put the rest of your team working on other important jobs that also need to be done before your next event. This vacuum trailer has such a strong suction that you can clean up trash, glass bottles and aluminum cans which is very handy after a concert. We wanted to build a strong, durable trailer that would save you time and money! It was our goal for the job of 6 to 8 men to be cut down to 2 cutting down your labor costs. We also wanted it to be versatile for many jobs at your facility. The unique high powered fan and motor make this machine the hardest working employee you can have on your payroll and our state of the art ventilation and filtration system cuts back on dust in your stall area. Our dream was to make your job easier, cleaner and more efficient and we believe we have accomplished just that! We will customize your Buddy Trailer to meet your expectations. Experience a Buddy Trailer for yourself and see what a change it can make for your facility. Buddy Trailers is a family owned business that stands on the Word of God and integrity. We are proud to say our trailers are manufactured in the USA. Thank you for taking time to read this and we do appreciate you time and business.


Sha & Shaley Griffin 

"Everyone needs a Buddy"